Classic versace gold and black pattern on a porcelain tile slab with a calacatta marble background

VERSACE MAXIMVS MEGABAROCCO BIANCO/NERO/ORO 48x110 (item #63143) combines the classic beauty of marble with haute couture for a delightfully styling porcelain slab. Featuring a crisp white background and veining reminiscent of Statuario marble with the eye catching gilded overlay of the Versace barocco pattern. Crisp details and glittering metallic accents will capture your attention and demand a closer look. The VERSACE MAXIMVS COLLECTION elevates porcelain slabs for a collection that is uniquely Versace.   Available in one continuous Face (63143).

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Slab Versace Maximvs Megabarocco Bianco/Nero/Oro