Modelled after exclusive marbles and onyx stones, the VERSACE EMOTE COLLECTION is elegant, refined and timeless.  Choose from a variety of accents, borders and exclusive Versace prints and patterns to create your very own sophisticated retreat.  The medallion inspired Intarsio is perfect for powder rooms, entryways and floor inlays.  Use the Decoro Glitter, Decoro Floreale, and Pannello Barocco in place of high end wallcoverings.  For an impressive feature that's straight from the runway, choose from the graphic Optical or Palme. 

colour overview

Versace Emote Onice Bianco 262500, 262510, 262520

Emote Onice Bianco

Versace Emote Nero Amasanta

Emote Nero amasanta

Versace Emote Crema Marfil

Emote Crema marfil

Versace Emote Pulpis Marrone

Emote pulpis marrone

30"x30" (78x78cm)

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

15"x30" (39x78cm

7.5"x30" (19.5x78cm)

15"x15" (39x39cm)

octagon shape pic copy.jpg