versace eterno 

VERSACE ETERNO COLLECTION draws inspiration from Shou Sugi Ban, the ancient Japanese technique of preserving wood by charring its surface.  Textural, monochromatic, and captivating with a subtle sheen, the Eterno collection stands apart from traditional wood looks.  Use the parquet-inspired Intreccio for an elegant entryway or dining room.  For a more avant-garde spin, the overlaid Patchwork and Barocco add eclectic and unexpected style to your space.  With a wide range of borders, the Versace Eterno Collection has limitless potential.

colour overview

Versace Eterno Carbon 263000

eterno carbon

Versace Eterno Patchwork Carbon 263030

eterno Patchwork carbon

Versace Eterno Intreccio Carbon 263060

eterno intreccio carbon 

Versace Eterno Barocco Carbon 263070

eterno barocco carbon

Versace Eterno Brown 263001

eterno brown

Versace Eterno Patchwork Brown 263031

eterno patchwork brown 

Versace Eterno Intreccio Brown 263061

eterno intreccio brown

Versace Eterno Barocco Brown 263071

eterno barocco Brown

Versace Eterno Ice 263002

eterno ice

Versace Eterno Patchwork Ice 263032

eterno Patchwork


Versace Eterno Intreccio Ice 263062

eterno Intreccio ice 

Versace Eterno Barocco Ice 263072

eterno barocco   ice

Versace Eterno White 263003
Versace Eterno Patchwork White 263033
Versace Eterno Intreccio White 263063

eterno white

eterno patchwork white

eterno Intreccio white

Versace Eterno Barocco Whte 263073

eterno barocco white

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

32"x32" (80x80cm)