Inspired by the mosaic medallions of Italian Basilicas, VERSACE EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION brings the detail and artistic beauty of natural stone to your home.  In a range of sizes and layouts, there's bound to be a Mosaico that best fits your space.  Use the Beige/Oro options  with a warmer color palette.  Add delightful detail to a classic white and black space with Mosaico White/Black.  Installed on floor or wall, the mosaics of the Versace Exclusive Collection are sure to add European character and charm to your space.

colour overview

Versace Exclusive Mosaico 68300 Beige Oro

mosaico 68300 beige/oro

Versace Exclusive 68305 Beige Oro

mosaico 68305 beige/oro

Versace Exclusive 68302 Beige Oro

mosaico 68302 beige/oro


mosaico 68307 beige/ore

Versace Exclusive 68301 Black White

mosaico 68301 white/black

Versace Exclusive 68306 White Black

mosaico 68306 white/black

Versace Exclusive 68303 White Black

mosaico 68303 white/black


mosaico 68308 white/black

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

47"x47" (118x118cm)

31"x62" (78.9x158cm

15.5"x62" (39.4x158cm)

31"x31" (78.9x78.9cm)