VERSACE MAXIMVS COLLECTION elevates porcelain slabs for a collection that is uniquely Versace.  Inspired by the most sought after stones, the slab collection features true to life details, rich colors, continuous veining and a subtle Versace print that begs a closer look.  For glamour straight off the runway, choose from the gilded Megabarocco or Lettering slabs.  Featuring an overlay the famous barocco and alphabet Versace prints over classic Statuario veining, these porcelain slabs add unexpected sophistication to your space.

colour overview

Versace Maximvs - Mega Borocco Oro 48x109 piece.jpeg

Versace Slab Megabarocco Bianco/nero/oro

Versace Maximvs - Mega Borocco Colour 48x109 piece.jpeg

Versace Slab Megabarocco Color

Versace Maximvs - Alphabet 48x109 piece .jpg

versace slab Lettering  bianco/nero/oro

Versace Maximvs - Panda C 48x109 piece.jpeg

Versace Slab Panda White 

Versace Maximvs - Galaxy Brown A 48x109 piece.jpg

Versace Slab Galaxy Brown

Versace Maximvs - Statuario B 48x109 Piece.jpeg

Versace Slab Statuario White 

Versace Maximvs - Galaxy Blue A 48x109 piece.jpeg

Versace Slab Galaxy Blue

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

48"x110" (120x278cm)