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Versace Solid Gold

Versace Solid Gold elevates the ever-popular subway tile. Featuring a bevelled edge and subtle Greek key pattern, the Versace Solid Gold oversized subway tiles are classically elegant and refined. Incorporate the Listello Greca or Listello Diamantato Gold for a ritzy pop. If subtle elegance is your style, use the muted Baroque patterning of the Mix Patchwork. For a glittering feature, add the Barocco and Greca patterned tiles to your design. Versatile, chic and sophisticated, the Versace Solid Gold Collection will elevate any wall.

(Please note: This collection is no longer available; kindly reach out to our sales representative for information on current stock.)

Colour Overview

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

Versace Maximvs.png
  • 8" X 24" (20 cm X 60 cm)

Not all collections are available in all sizes. please refer to catalogue for details and other available sizes.

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