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About Us

IN 1972, out of a small warehouse in Woodbridge Ontario, our father, Alfredo Uberti opened Cercan Tile with two guiding principles. First, to source the most beautiful, innovative, and leading edge tile from around the world, and second, to provide clients with exceptional service.


Today, our family-owned and operated company still lives by these same principles. By incorporating design consultation with complete customization, Cercan Tile has become an industry leader with an esteemed reputation in both Canada and the US. We strive to provide our clients with a superior experience while offering an extensive selection of quality tile that you won't find anywhere else. 


Our staff is uniquely qualified, having in-depth knowledge of every product we offer so that the perfect material for your project is selected. We welcome the opportunity to be involved in the early phases of design and architecture to seamlessly integrate our product with your vision. The goal being a space you’ll adore.


Because that’s exactly how our father would have wanted it.

Alfredo with his sister Anna, outside the original Cercan Tile showroom. Circa 1970.

Alfredo with his sister (Anna), outside the original Cercan Tile showroom in the early '70's     

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