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Ske - 2cm Terra Crea (Italy)

The Terra Crea collection feels like it was moulded by the earth itself. It consists of five distinct tones, informed by extensive chromatic study, into the colours of the earth. Ranging from the comfort of fertile soil to the vitality of volcanic rock, this collection can evoke countless moods and can thus be used in a variety of design projects.

Colour Overview

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

Versace Maximvs.png

SKE 2.0 20mm

  • 32"X32" (80 cm X 80 cm)

  • 24"X48" (60 cm X 120 cm)

  • 24"X24" (60 cm X 60 cm)

BLOCK 2.0 20mm

  • 8"X8" ( 20 cm X 20 cm)

  • 8"X12" (20 cm X 30 cm)

Not all collections are available in all sizes. please refer to catalogue for details and other available sizes.

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