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A fresh take on an urban classic, ES TROMBOLI WHITE PLUME 4x15 is the perfect backdrop for minimal, modern or eclectic styles. With the durability of porcelain, this elongated subway is perfect for wall or floor applications. With a smooth matte finish, and subtle color variation, the ES Tromboli White Plume is a versatile staple. Install in a stacked pattern for a shiplap inspired look. Pair with wallpaper or rich jewel tones for a chic and elegant take. Or pair with woods, concretes and bold patterns for a delightfully modern spin. The ES Tromboli White Plume is classic enough to accommodate any style. With a modern elongated shape, and a chic color range, the ES TROMBOLI COLLECTION will elevate your classic, transitional, industrial and minimal styles.

ES Tromboli White Plume

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