Slab Versace MaximVS Galaxy Brown is rich, luxurious and everything you would expect from a Versace tile

Drawing inspiration from the most exclusive brown marbles and natural stones, VERSACE MAXIMVS GALAXY BROWN 48x110 is rich, earthy and inviting. With a stunning palette of browns, greys, charcoals, rust and white, Versace Maximvs Galaxy Brown will pair beautifully with both warm and cool color schemes. Available in two faces: Face A (item #63130) and Face B (item #63131),Galaxy Brown is perfect for feature walls, backsplashes, kitchen countertops and fireplaces. Modelled after the most sought after stones, the VERSACE MAXIMVS COLELCTION features true to life details, rich colors, continuous veining and a subtle Versace print that begs a closer look.  See Versace Maximvs Collection for more Versace Slab options or see our Slab Collection for all our slab options.

Slab Versace Maximvs Galaxy Brown