Slab Versace Maximvs Panda White stunning white porcelain slab with bold black veining

VERSACE MAXIMVS PANDA WHITE 48x110 draws inspiration from the much sought after and dramatically veining Panda White marble. Glamorous and elegant, the Versace Maximvs Panda White 48x110 features a soft white background with delicate grey veining, and bold charcoal-black veins. Available in four continuous faces: Face A (item #63110), Face B (item #63111), Face C (item #63112), Face D (item #63113), this porcelain slab is ideal for shower walls, fireplaces, and living spaces. Add the beauty of natural stone, and the charm of Versace styling to your space with the VERSACE MAXIMVS COLLECTION.   See Versace Maximvs Collection for more Versace Slab options or see our  Slab Collection for all our slab options.

Slab Versace Maximvs Panda White