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Versace Slab Versace Maximvs Staturaio White gives you the effortless beauty of Italian Statuario marble with the functionality of porcelain. Featuring a bright background and grey veining, this porcelain slab is the perfect glamorous finish for kitchens and living spaces that demand more wear and tear. Available in four faces with continuous veining: Face A (item #63100), Face B (item #63101), Face C (item #63102), Face D (item #63103)。 Modelled after the most sought after stones, the Versace Slab Versace Maximvs Staturaio White features true to life details, rich colors, continuous veining and a subtle Versace print that begs a closer look.  See our Versace Manifesto Collection for more Versace slab options or our full Slab Collection for more.

Slab Versace Maximvs Statuario White

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