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Due - 2cm (USA)

Ranging from oversized wood planks and classic stones to modern concretes, DUE - 2CM USA will elevate the look of your outdoor pool surrounds, patios and terraces. Made to withstand the harshest conditions, this outdoor porcelain collection does not need to be sealed, stained or treated. With additional coping pieces available and a wide range of styles, the Due - 2cm USA is sure to make your outdoor retreat camera ready.

Colour Overview

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

Versace Maximvs.png

  • 24" X 24" (60 X 60cm)

  • 12" X 24" (30 X 60cm) (Only in available in a modular pattern)

  • 12" X 12" (30 X 30cm) (Only in available in a modular pattern)

  • 16" X 32" (40 X 80cm)

  • 16" X 48" (40 X 120cm)

  • 24" X 48" (60 X 120cm)

Not all collections are available in all sizes. please refer to catalogue for details and other available sizes.

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