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Bello Grande

Step into a world where the captivating patterns of marble intertwine with the grandeur of majestic mountains. The Bello Grande Collection draws inspiration from these natural wonders to bring you a tile series that exudes timeless beauty and breathtaking charm. Designed for both durability and aesthetics, the Bello Grande Collection allows you to explore the possibilities of seamless installations and create a sense of expansiveness in your living spaces. Its large format design opens up a world of design options, enabling you to transform ordinary floors and walls into extraordinary works of art.


Product Details



Technical Specifications


Polished / Matte


Floor / Wall


V2 / V4

Tech Specs.png


Please note all sizes are approximate

  • 63" X 63" (160 X 160cm)

big tile, porcelain tile, floor tile, marble style tile, bathroom tile, kitchen tie, wall tile, backsplash tile, square tile.
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