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Terra Preciosa

The Terra Preciosa collection comes to us straight out of a fairytale. The semi-precious agates embedded in robust, different coloured concrete bring to mind glittering jewels still embedded in cave walls. The Concrete itself brings its own natural texture to the table with the little air bubbles and gradation being unique to each sample. This collection is expansive and endlessly customizable as each sample can be adapted to a variety of purposes from sinks to countertops. The versatility and effortless elegance of Terra Preciosa sets it apart and makes it an invaluable addition to any luxury design project or space.


Available Shapes


Balux Countertops.png

The Terra Preciosa countertops are made of ultra-high performance concrete. The micro-fibers , as well as the various components of the mixture, provide a high density concrete with maximum flexibility. The sealer used keeps the natural appearance of the concrete while not allowing liquids to penetrate. It is also stain resistant.





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