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Versace Marble

Regal and sophisticated VERSACE MARBLE COLLECTION draws inspiration from exclusive marbles and classic motifs for a porcelain collection that is refined, elegant and luxurious. Offered in a range of tones - the warm, onyx inspired Beige and Oro, the rich midtones of Grigio and Marrone, and the classic black and white marble inspired Bianco and Nero - this collection is highly versatile and pairs beautifully in combination. Featuring prestigious Versace motifs - Medusa, Greek key and Baroque - the Versace Marble Collection is timeless, elegant and grand.

Colour Overview

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

Versace Maximvs.png
  • 23" X 46" (58.5 cm X 117.5 cm)

  • 23" X 23" (58.5 X 58.5 cm)

  • 7" X 23" (19.5 cm X 58.5 cm)

Not all collections are available in all sizes. please refer to catalogue for details and other available sizes.

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