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Versace Meteorite

Inspired by the simple elegance of Antique Brown Granite, the VERSACE METERORITE COLLECTION is timeless and refined. Choose from a range of colorways; Nero, Bianco, Moka, and Miele for a space that is understated and sophisticated. Enrich your space with the subtle detail of Megabarocco Decorati. For a more classic look, install in a checkerboard pattern, or incorporate the stylish basketweave inspired Mosaico Chesterfield. Less is more with subtle details, elegant styling and refined borders of the Versace Meterorite Collection.

Colour Overview

Available Sizes

Note: all sizes are approximate

Versace Maximvs.png
  • 24" X 48" ( 60 cm X 120 cm)

  • 8" X 48" (20 cm X 120 cm)

  • 24" X 24" (60 cm X 60 cm)

Not all collections are available in all sizes. please refer to catalogue for details and other available sizes.

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